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Common Questions About A Lindy-Gertie Franchise

How much does a Lindy Gertie's franchise cost?
Lindy Gertie's has been specifically designed as a mid-priced restaurant franchise with a start-up cost from $39,500 (+ a $9,500 franchise fee).The cost of a specific restaurant depends upon size, amount of build-out, location and other factors. A more complete breakdown analysis of these cost can be found in the Lindy-Gertie Enterprise's Offering Circular.

Do I get training?
Yes, indeed! Lindy-Gertie's will train you and your Manager for two weeks. Furthermore, we will also provide each new franchise owner with 10 days of on-site training in their restaurant.

I understand that franchises have an inital Franchise Fee and a Continuing Service and Royalty Fee. What are Lindy Gertie's?
Yes, franchisors use the inital franchise fee to off-set the considerable cost of the franchise program: from the legal documentation and registrations to the marketing and qualifying of candidates, to the providing of assistance with site selection, start-up, and the full training of the new franchise owners. Lindy Gertie's has established a $9,500.00 initial franchise fee.

Am I required to advertise?
One of the fundamental principles of franchising is that marketing and advertising economies can be more effectively realized by a number of contributors then can beaccomplished by individuals on their own. Marketing and advertising are critical to effectively competing in the years ahead. Lindy Gertie's franchise owners recognize this and contribute 2% of their gross sales, minus sales tax, to the Lindy Gertie's advertising fund.

How much money can I make?
This is probably the most common question a prospective new business owner asks. And yet, it is the most difficult to answer, especially for a prospective new franchise owner. The level of success of any business is dependent upon remarkably diverse factors, such as how hard you work., how well you monitor your costs, the quality of service you and your staff provide your customers, and location of your restaurant.

However, qualified candidates will be provided with the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of all currrent Lindy Gertie's franchises. You may wish to speak with them about their experiences. Please remember, though, that these are independend business owners who are busy running their business. We would ask that you treat them with the same courtesy you would expect when you become a Lindy Gertie's franchise owner and have other people calling you. And please, never disturb them during their busy lunch and dinner times!

And yes, franchisors use a continuing service fee to off-set the cost of providing on-going consultation and services and a royalty for use of the tradename, the systems and proprietary products. Lindy Gertie's has a 6% Continuing Service Fee and Royalty. The 6% is calculated from the gross sales minus the sales tax.

Do I get a guaranteed, exclusive territory?
Many franchisors today, and particularly food related franchisors, do not like to legally bind themselves to territories based on demographics that could quickly become obsolete. Following these trends, Lindy Gertie's does not grant exclusive territories. However, we are sensitive to the concerns franchisees may have about territory.

Does Lindy Gertie's provide financing?
No. Lindy Gertie's is a franchisor and is not in the lending business nor has it any arrangements with lending institutions. Therefore, each franchise owner is responsible for securing his or her own financing for their business.

Hey! I have a lot more questions! Shouldn't we get together to discuss the Lindy-Gertie's franchise opportunity in greater detail?
Absolutely. We would certainly welcome a meeting to discuss our program and your goals. Give us a call today to arrange a personal and confidential interview. Or you can always respond to us via Email.

Franchises currently available in Illinois Only.
Other states available to Master Franchisees soon.

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