Not Just Any Chili !

Lindy's Chili
Not Just Any Ice Cream !

Gertie's Ice Cream

Together, As One Concept, They Simply Make Pure Business Sense
"...the combination works surprisingly well... a majority of customers sample both specialities."
- Chicago Tribune -

In 1974, businessman Joseph Yesutis fulfilled a life-long dream by purchasing the Lindy's Chili Company and the Gertie's Ice Cream Company. This dream, however, did not include putting the two concepts together. Only after analyzing the unique qualities of each business did he conceive of his remarkable innovation.

Lindy's Chili was drawing huge lunch and dinner crowds, but slowed in the evenings. On the other hand, Gertie's Ice Cream did great business in the evenings when customers crowded in.

Additionally, there was seasonal factors that effected business. Cold Chicago winters bolstered chili sales, while ice cream sales declined. And, of course, in the summer, ice cream soared past chili sales.

A Brilliant Flash Of The Obvious

Combining the two companies into a single specialty food business initially drew many puzzled looks.
Chili and ice cream? Some people questioned Joe's judgment. But it really made remarkable business sense. The two specialties in fact, kept business steady throughout the day and throughout the year.

Even more remarkable, chili and ice cream proved to be a delicious combination!
The new Lindy Gertie's customers discovered that a bowl of the hot and spicy chili followed by a cool, refreshing ice cream was indeed a unusually satisfying experience.

Hear What They're Saying About Lindy's Chili...